Renae Smith

V is for Vegan

Renae Smith
V is for Vegan

You don’t need to launch any high tech investigations to know that veganism is an eating movement that has really begun to take hold over the last decade. Many are extolling the virtues of following a plant-based diet, not only for the numerous health benefits but also for various moral and environmental reasons too. You've got full time vegans, part time vegans and those looking to simply reduce their intake of animal based products, without quitting entirely.

As such, many restaurants and cafes have responded accordingly, increasingly adding more vegan and gluten-free options to satisfy customer demand. Other business owners have been monitoring this rise in veganism and have created businesses specifically to meet the demand in this area.

Raw Passion is a creator and supplier of vegan cakes and one of many companies that recognised veganism transforming from niche to staple diet and has seen a significant increase in call for their product. They've been clever enough to tick off a tonne of dietary boxes, making their products extremely versatile and suitable for almost everyone.  Their vegan, paleo cakes are gluten free, dairy free and preservative free, as well as made with organic ingredients.  TICK!!!

 Photos by:  FOOD SHOT

Photos by: FOOD SHOT

Statistics show a dramatic uptake of veganism when eating out, but what is driving this?

A lot of studies have emerged of late, proving the myriad health improvements earned by eating plant-based, including weight loss, a reduction in the risk of both diabetes and heart disease, two of Australia’s biggest killers, and even an ease in arthritis symptoms.  For me personally, cutting out most animal products (I'm not classified as vegan, but rarely consume eggs etc) has seen an improvement in my skin, my digestion and my overall feelings of fatigue.  I'm happier, more energetic and my skin shines (it used to be so dry it cracked!).

Add to this the fact that people are becoming much more aware of the moral and environmental implications of eating meat (animal suffering is a major reason for going vegan, whilst others quote agriculture being one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions as their reason) and veganism is becoming more mainstay in Australian food culture than anyone may have imagined. 

In fact, Australia is the third fastest growing vegan market in the world, following only the United Arab Emirates and China. The trend looks only set to grow, with a large rise in complete vegetarianism or veganism and another 9.9 million Australians professing to eating “far less red meat these days".

As Director of The Atticism, a leading PR Agency in Sydney,  I have seen huge increases in clients coming to us with products that have "vegan" listed as a selling point.  Everything from food and beverage products, restaurants, skincare and even events.

Researchers have also found that this food trend is a natural extension of the ‘clean eating’ trend that took hold almost a decade ago. Including more vegetables in a diet is not only the advice of doctors, but the aim of those looking to take care of themselves and prevent dependent health care at any stage of life. 

Vegan products are no longer simply for those who are vegan but a regular inclusion in the diet of those who still eat meat from time to time, due to the increased quality and flavour being provided by the market.