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The Tropical Fruit Tribe

Renae SmithComment
The Tropical Fruit Tribe

Providing clean, whole-food snacks for Aussie kids

This incredible tale begins in Papua New Guinea, where The Tropical Food Tribe Founder and Tribe Leader, Lisa Mendoza, was raised. As a child, Lisa was surrounded by delicious, organic, ‘off the tree’ fresh produce, literally growing in her backyard. She grew up with an understanding and appreciation of where food comes from and what elements were needed for plants and children to thrive. Throughout her life, and eventual relocation to Australia, she carried this appreciation for natures goodness with her – and this led Lisa to create The Tropical Fruit Tribe.

The Tropical Food Tribe inspires children and empowers parents to live a vibrant, happy and healthy life by helping them make more informed decisions about the food they consume. The Sydney based company promotes positive messages surrounding wholefood nutrition through fun, creative and educational entertainment and by providing simple and clean wholefood snacks for the whole family to enjoy.

After becoming increasingly aware of an alarming amount of people who were unaware of the benefits of fresh, wholefoods; Lisa realised that she needed to give parents information to help educate at home as well as information for kids to educate themselves.  This discovery started Lisa’s creative juices flowing and she began planning for the launch of The Tropical Food Tribe, which started producing in late 2014.

“It shocked me to realise that so many people around me had little to no knowledge about wholefoods; where it comes from and how they grow. I realised that I had this knowledge because of my experience of growing up in PNG, so that is when I decided that I could do something to be part of the solution”, says Lisa.

The Tropical Food Tribe has developed two styles of products, designed for people who enjoy snacking, but who don’t want the ‘nasties’ that are usually associated with ‘convenience foods’:

  1. 100% pure fruit based ice-blocks; and

  2. Dried snacks (including chickpeas and tropical trail mixes).

“I created these products using little to no manipulation of the original, whole food ingredients. This means that the final product is presented as close to the way nature intended as possible”, Lisa explains.

“Our ice-blocks are made from nothing but real fruit (pulp and all) and our dried snacks are packed with naturally occurring protein and fibre, which is perfect to fuel a healthy growing body and mind”.

With a rise in allergies and restrictions on school lunches, the Tropical Fruit Tribe snacks are perfect for lunchboxes and are a parent’s best friend. All Tropical Fruit Tribe products are 100% nut free, dairy free, gluten free and vegan as well as containing no additives, preservatives, sugars or sweeteners.