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Stamina State

Renae SmithComment
Stamina State


Product Focus - by Angela Yalda

All so often, busy people turn to junk food for a quick and easy snack on the run, or to help get them over the afternoon slump, most times without even realising the negative affects these snacks can have on the body.  With this in mind, Stamina State and Owner, Lisa Mendoza, set out to create quick, easy, nutritious and delicious snacks for the active, busy and health-seeking individual.

Stamina State list health, consumer education and sustainable responsibility as their top priorities. They are a Sydney based company who pride themselves on honesty, respect and providing quality, healthy, whole-food snacks to everyday Aussies.

After months of research, Lisa was only able find snacks that were either flavourless and boring, or packed with sugars, synthetic ingredients and primed for consumption of the more than regular kind.  Lisa wanted to fill this void in the snack market and create the right food to fuel people’s body and mind. The result? A range of snacks that are not only natural but also delicious, “We promise that our snacks are only made from clean ingredients and prepared as close to the way nature intended as possible. All of our snacks are 100% nut free, dairy free, gluten free and vegan as well as containing no additives, preservatives, sugars or sweeteners”, said Lisa.

“We provide the solution to loosing energy and feeling drained. The snacks are high in protein and fibre and are perfect for people who value their health, are conscious about clean eating and keeping their body well energised and also for those who care about the footprint they leave on the environment. We use biodegradable plastic and cardboard packaging to reduce our waste impact on the planet”.

 As a company, Stamina State aim to inspire the busy, active and young generation of Aussies to go all out, work hard and work smart to achieve everything they set their minds to; whether it be studying or career projects, working out or adventures, Stamina State Snacks are there to educate them to make the right decisions about their food choices.

“Our snacks are perfect for every environment”, Lisa explains. “From the fitness and muscle crowds for post work out hungers, to office professionals looking for a quick and healthy snack, to those who are allergen sensitive and are alert and aware to adventure seekers who want a convenient, energy bound snack, we have something for everyone”!

Stamina State Snacks are an Australian company dedicated to educating and inspiring you, being honest and respectful of their offerings, presenting products and services that is of the highest quality all while being playful and fun!