Activated Nutrients

The other week I was lucky enough to receive a gift from Activated Nutrients, a 4-8-week supply of Daily Super Food for Women.

I have tried plant based protein powders and smoothie boosters before, but nothing really ever stuck with me - the ‘grass flavour’ was too much. With Activated Nutrients, I loved the science behind it all, that it was doctor approved and seemed to cover all the bases as a health booster that I could add to my morning smoothie. The tubs also contain zero synthetic nutrients or vitamins, it’s all 100% whole food and plant based so your body can absorb it better - no junk left over!

I decided to have a green smoothie every morning over the past two weeks with a scoop of Activated Nutrients blended in. My main goals were to gain more energy and improve my digestion.

It has now been two weeks, and although I have been stressed with work and other life matters that we all go through, I do feel “lighter” and better within my gut and I am definitely less sluggish in the mornings.

I took a weekend off my smoothie routine (and skipped breakfast altogether) and noticed by Monday that I wasn’t ‘felling it’ like I had the last two weeks. I think this shows that my daily boost of Activated Nutrients was doing their job and I now I won't smoothie without them!

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