The South of France

Well, what an amazing week we had last week.  We actually just got back from London where we are staying in yet ANOTHER booking.  I spent my 2 x free nights last week but we’re here for 6 nights this week so I’m only 4 away from another free night… it’s such a great system.  (See link at end for your exclusive discount!)

Anyway, back to the story.  Marseille and Nice were such great getaways.  Both cities are incredibly different and we had such a different time at both.  Also, because we live so rural here in Sivignon, being in a city meant we had to answer questions in French, or at least attempt to – which is good for all of us.

Overall, the booking process for our quick getaway was a breeze and check in at both places was easy as we’d already let them know via the children’s ages and that we’d like to have them on sofa beds, so everything was organised when we got there (thank god!!).  The sofa beds were HUGE and the kids gave us the thumbs up for comfort (plus we got our own bedroom which is always nice when you need a breather after a big day!).


Marseille has a very Catholic feel.  The huge Cathedral on the hill overlooks the city and the winding roads all lead up to it.  The building itself is stunning and being perched on that hill means the view is spectacular.

At the moment, there’s Christmas Markets in the Marina area of the Old Port which were awesome.  I love me a market!!  I got an incredible Italian hot chocolate and then some extra bits and pieces like Provincial Lavender Oil and Chilli Flakes.

We had breakfast near the marina and I still have to get used to the fact food and drink (at local places) cost SO much less than at home.  Croissants over here are no more than 1 Euro and we all had Pain au Chocolate, coffee and juice for 13 Euro total.  Although the dollar is shit, the cost can be quite good if you’re smart about where you go.

We then did the tourist thing and got one of those hop on hop off busses which I, to the horror of a lot of people, don’t actually mind!  I think they do give you a good overview of a place and if you don’t have much time – you get the quick tour in an efficient way!

After 2 nights in Marseille we headed to our hotel in Nice (which I was super excited on as the photos on looked insanely lovely).

Nice was AMAZING. The overview of the area we stayed was spot on – the promenade was simply divine and we wandered up and down the beach area and Old City eating and drinking for the whole weekend.  The hotel was amazing and the 8.6 review on the wasp perfectly accurate – it was a stunning hotel and decorated in the style of the Great Gatsby… the wallpaper was superb and I need to find it for myself… we even had a VELVET bed…. Like, come on!

We will be heading back to Nice in summer for sure.  It’s maybe one of the nicest cities I’ve ever seen – it’s just one of those places you have to stop and look at all day long.  The light changes during the day and the city on the water sparkles – you can see why artists like Matisse ended up staying here and painting with the light…

We’re off to a England for Christmas next weekend, but for the rest of the week I will be exploring and working out where to stay for our NEXT adventure... CLUE?!?  There's lots of colour and lots of sand....

I’ll catch you on the flip side and stay tuned for more of my binge hotel booking and travel adventures! Remember!!! Half the fun of travel is the planning so get online and get planning!

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