Exploring France


So, I don’t know about you – but instead of shopping online and buying things – I LOVE to trawl around Hotels.com and look at all the recommended places to visit and the amazing hotels around the world that I want to visit one day.  I definitely think that half the fun of travel is the planning part and I spend a good amount of time reading about all the places I want to go.

I’ve been so unwell these past few weeks that now I’m feeling “back to normal,” I really have itchy feet and want to get exploring!  I have spent about 2 hours so far looking at all the amazing places around us here in France, working out where we might go.  There’s SO much to choose from on Hotels.com and I find myself getting VERY distracted, reading all about the local highlights and best places to stay.

But, where to go???

We’ve decided to keep our little trips “in France” at the moment as we have yearlong Visas here, and if we visit outside of France, we ‘trip’ our Schengen Visa (which we want to save for the Summer).

I am a Hotels.com member and for every 10 nights I book, I get 1 for free (I have 2 saved up for now) so I’ve decided to use those up.    (PS – I have a discount code of 8OFFAURENAE which gives anyone a discount so feel free to use it up!!!)

Hotels.com has a great section on the site where you can get an overview of a city and the things to do there.  I’ve looked at Paris because it’s such an obvious choice and I am so in love with everything about Paris.  I've stayed in Montmartre and also near the Eiffel Tower, but I have not stayed near the Champs Elysees in the 8th...

At night, the Champs Elysees is so magnificent you may be tempted to halt traffic for a closer look. In the 8th arrondissement, this boulevard is both elegant and energetic. You’ll find Parisian haute couture alive and well here among the countless designer boutiques. There’s more than shopping to this entertaining, tree-lined district. Roam the street and you’ll discover unforgettable eateries. Enjoy in an indulgent cocktail, partake in a rich, flavorful dinner, or pop into world-renowned Ladurée for a box of macarons. Day or night, the Champs Elysees seems almost incandescent in its massive, electric beauty.

                                                                                               - https://au.hotels.com/ho218097


The problem with Paris, though, is that we think we’re going to be there a LOT in the coming months as we travel back and forth from London so I don’t know if it’s the most interesting choice at the moment. 

I’ve also looked at Marseille and saw this cute little town called Cassis.  The overview and images are AMAZING:

Cassis, with its pastel-colored houses and busy marina, is a picturesque harbor town sitting in the cove between Calanques National Park and Cap Canaille headland, 30 km southeast of Marseille. This town’s cliffs and inlets are famous for their panoramic vistas and secluded beaches—a sightseeing tour by boat is the perfect way to explore both. Cassis is surrounded by vineyards and has a longstanding fishing tradition, so it’s no surprise that its restaurants offer visitors an incredible range of seafood and local white wine. Sample both at a harborfront restaurant as you watch the sun set over the Mediterranean.

                                                                                                   - https://au.hotels.com/ho315816/


How gorgeous!  Marseille also has a tonne of stuff to see in the City with Notre Dame and La Vielle Charite and plenty of Museums (for Moreton of course).  It’s a definite contender.

Another City we thought could be beautiful to visit is, Nice.  After about an hour of getting lost in the Hotels.com vortex, I read all about the lovely Promenade which you can stay on.  There’s several amazing hotels here, and the overview reads (almost) like a Bondi flashback:

Promenade des Anglais is just west of central Massena Square. Situated close to the vibrant Old Town area, it is great for shopping, dining, and comfortable accommodations. The promenade itself stretches nearly 3 miles along the Nice coast, and offers great views of the waterfront and a glimpse at some of the city’s famous architectural landmarks. Walk east and you’ll end up in the exotic Albert I Garden—a regal park with palm trees, pools, and seasonal open-air entertainment.

                                                                                                      - https://au.hotels.com/ho115526


That sounds pretty beautiful as well and I would love to see a bit of ocean as it's been a month already haha!

I think I will take this weekend to explore Hotels.com a bit more and if ANYONE has any recommendations, send me the links or tag me on Instagram

I'll be back with our next adventure itinerary when i can work out exactly what we're going to do!

In the meantime, feel free to use my discount code at https://au.hotels.com which is 8OFFAURENAE for 8% off.


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