El Destilado - Mexico


I recently visited a friend of mine who moved to Oaxaca.  Ash is vegan and I knew that she'd have the low down on all the best places to eat.  Being in the deep south of Mexico was a bit daunting for me.  I've never really been one for Mexican food of any kind but when Ash proposed we visit El Destilado as they had the best food she'd eaten throughout her entire travels there, I had to go.  The fact they had a vegan/vegetarian degustation as well was BRILLIANT.

El Destilado is the brainchild of 3 young guys from the US who became enamored with the culinary history and sublime ingredients of Oaxaca. Their mission is to provide  excellent food and mezcal in a casual, accessible environment, tailored to locals and visitors alike.  

The tasting menu at El Destilado is sublime.  We sat at the chefs table and I was surprised to find so many dishes that were inspired by other cuisines!  French techniques combine perfectly with Asian flavours and traditional Mexican recipes.  I found myself more than impressed at the food that was coming out of the kitchen.  The chef was just the best - very knowledgeable and experienced, but keen to try new things and to breathe some life into the 'standard' dining scene in Mexico.

At El Destilado, we offer dynamic tasting menus for those looking to immerse themselves in a rich culinary experience. Chef Julio is constantly inventing new plates and tweaking classic recipes to showcase the best seasonal, fresh, and organic ingredients Oaxaca has to offer. We offer two options: a 9 course menu and a “Chef’s Menu,” which ranges from 12-15 courses.

I know that Rene Redzepi has opened up in Mexico, but if you're after an experience that wont cost you your firstborn child and a kidney - head to El Destilado.  The use of native ingredients combined with Chef Julio's incredible techniques and experience provides what turned out to be the best dining experience I had in Mexico.  Mezcal is NOT my thing - but if it's your thing - these guys are also EXPERTS.  And I mean PROPER experts.

Apart from offering all of the best brands available in Mexico, our beverage director curates traditional, artisanal mezcal from small producers who still make it like their great-grandfathers’ did generations past. Request a tasting to learn more about the incredible range of the spirit!