Renae Smith

Travel Essentials

Renae Smith
Travel Essentials

Tomorrow is the day! We are off to Morocco!

Morocco has always been a huge dream for me and I’ve wanted to visit for as long as I can remember.  As I’m in England, and then straight off to Australia the day we return from Morocco, packing is a bit difficult as I am really packing for 3 countries, all with differing climates.

Here’s my essentials for this trip!

As mentioned last time, the ‘must have’ for anyone travelling is a travel wallet and I love my Kinnon Travel Wallet (and the colour is divine).  It holds everything (including the children’s passports) and is the first thing I make sure is packed before we go!

Thinking about travel to Morocco, I need a shoe that is versatile. I’ll be in the sandy dessert, the Atlas Mountains and on the Mediterranean Coast and don’t want to fill up my luggage with a different shoe for each occasion.  My favourite discovery has been the Sea Star Neoprene Espadrilles.  They’re perfect for the beach and dessert as they can get wet and sand doesn’t stick to them, but they’re also super comfortable and perfect for trekking about a market or even wandering around the mountains.  Mine are classic blue with a red back, but there’s so many different styles (including a sling back as well).

Next, sunglasses are a must, especially in the desert where the sun is really intense.  I’ve read that the glare is really shocking so I’ve chosen Maui Jim Aviators in rose gold for a few reasons.  Firstly, they offer amazing glare elimination and also therefore offer colour enhancement – I definitely don’t want to be missing anything!  They’re also REALLY light as they use super thin glass (that is shatter and scratch resistant) which is perfect for travel as (we all know) your handbag gets a little out of control when you’re out and about.

The next item is not necessarily just for travel, but it’s something I found recently that has literally changed my life – and I’m not even being dramatic.  The Jacqueline Kalab Foundation Brush is the best brush I’ve ever used.  It’s small enough for travel, but doesn’t absorb foundation so 1 – 2 small pumps of my NARS Foundation and my entire face looks airbrushed.  Also, because the bristles are SO thin and soft, I don’t get a masked look and can literally finish my entire foundation application in under a minute. Quick, easy – perfect!


Speaking of makeup – I try to travel with only one “look” which is quite basic, and bring a lipstick (NARS Heatwave is my fave) to dress up the look if we need to go somewhere a little more fancy.  To keep all my skincare organised, I have found an amazing Hanging Cosmetic Bag by Tonic Australia.  They’re printed with gorgeous colours (I have “Pink Bell”) and come with matching eye masks, eye pillows, heat packs etc.  I chose the hanging bag as, travelling with a family, the bathroom sink space is in high demand.  Mine hangs over the shower screen or door handle and keeps everything neat.  My favourite part is that it’s wide enough to handle all my bigger makeup brushes so they lay neatly and don’t get damaged during travel.  The pattern is great – and always gets comments from anyone who sees it.

Special mentions for items that made travel kit for Morocco also go to Hurraw Lip Balm from The Cruelty Free Show, BioCeuticals SB FloraActive (keeps me healthy when I’m eating ‘questionable’ street food), Vegemite in a TUBE (because I’m addicted), The Environmental Toothbrush (biodegradable and perfect for travel), 22 Design Studio Watches (my favourite brand of watch) Burts Bees face wipes (no chemicals mean they’re great for a midday freshen up as you don’t have to wash them off),  Cosmedix Pure Enzymes mask (I do these weekly to keep my skin fresh) and my book for Morocco is “Nothing to Envy” which is a collection of stories from North Korean Defectors – thanks to my lovely sister-in-law for Xmas.