Travel Saviour

Long Haul Flight Saviours  

So, as many of you already know I am moving to France with my little family in tow for some adventure and a better look at the world.  Travelling alone is one thing, then there is travelling with two teenagers and your partner.  We have done this together before and survived India, so I know how to be better prepared in the long flight department this time around.  

This time I am over-preparing. One of my daughters has severe motion sickness whilst the other is pretty cruisey. My partner is a seasoned traveller and I have a decent collection of Passport stamps behind me too.   BUT long flights are hard... restless legs, drying out, motion sickness, tight spaces, messy luggage... it's a lot!

To counteract all the above. I have put together a “Travel Saviours” Pack to tackle the upcoming long-haul flight and the multiple other flights we will be catching around Europe this month.  

Here are the contents of my Travel Saviour pack and why I am in love with the very existence of each item:

Okay – the ‘must have’ for anyone travelling is a travel wallet.  But there are SO MANY out there.  How do you know which one to get? Some of them are slimline but fit nothing more than a passport in them (useless), and others are SO clunky that they just take up so much room and have so many stupid compartments that you end up keeping everything in your hand to avoid the nightmare of finding your documents.   

After many trial and errors, I found the perfect wallet for travel.  I use the Kinnon “Bird Travel Wallet”.  I love organisation and when travelling, I need everything to be easily found and stored - the wallet has four embossed tab compartments labelled passport, boarding pass, itinerary and miscellaneous.  I know right – PERFECTION!   

The little external zipped compartment is also good to keep some essentials like band-aids, Panadol, or even a Valium to help you sleep! In the misc. compartment, I always add about $100 worth of the foreign currency.

Best part? The wallet is the perfect combination of size, convenience and glam.  Best wallet on the market (and I've tried them ALL).


Next, when flying, my skin needs some nourishing as I dry up like a prune! So, I have turned to the amazingness ofSnow Fox Skincare and their new travel pack. These petite versions of the full size kit are made for travel, whilst being powerful, natural and minimal, feeding my skin with exactly what it needs and not taking up much space in my carry on. 

The skincare is organic, vegan and potent so it’s perfect for everyone in the family – no need to take different skincare for each person.  I also love a freshen up mid flight and the fresh, organic peppermint used in the skincare really works to give you a lift – aromatherapy is such a powerful tool and peppermint is a great scent for travel! 

Speaking about Aromatherapy - here’s a way to have the healing benefit of essential oils with you at all times.  Scent is such a powerful thing and using an organic essential oil means you get a subtle scent that works wonders on the mind, but none of the headaches or allergies that come from synthetic smells.  An AMAZING aromatherapy jewellery brand is Kayelle Designs and I have a bracelet set from her with natural stones (including volcanic pumice) that absorb essential oils.  The jewellery looks amazing, but on top of that, you get the semi precious stones and crystals which have different properties.

Basically - put a few drops on the pumice stone and they suck the oils right up. I use a calming blend with mandarin, lavender, vetiver etc.  To use your diffuser beads, simply add 1-2 drops of essential oil to the beads and rub in gently. The oil fragrance will last up to 5 days depending on the size of the beads and the oils used. Mid flight when you need a pick me up (or perfect for that 3.30pm slump at work), this is PERFECT and 100% natural.

There’s heaps of other options too (if you’re not a bracelet sort of person).

Now that I have covered my skin and scent, next up is my lips. I am battling chapped lips with Grown Alchemist Watermelon & Vanilla Lip Balms and I am sure my two teenagers are going be indulging in these beautiful smelling, luxurious lip savers as well.  They’re a bit more protective than a usual ‘chapstick’ and really help with the protective layer needed when flying.  (I also use their hand-cream and shampoo and conditioner etc – basically their entire body range is amaze). 

When I found it, this product made me think, “I can’t believe this hasn’t been invented sooner”. The Vivra is like a cool bum bag for the new era. Its ingenious design isn’t nerdy or awkward like a bum bag and is totally socially acceptable (sorry Dads everywhere still rocking the old school). Perfect for having your money, phone and documents on your person through airports and also while exploring or exercising.  

I do have a travel wallet for all of my bulky stuff – but you know that stuff you don’t want floating around your bag or falling out anywhere?  Keys, credit cards, your phone, a few essentials?  This is perfect.  The items are kept “on your person” so easy access, and it’s slimline so hardly noticeable – but there’s no chance of losing anything OR having it grabbed, pick pocketed or forgotten.  There’s nothing I hate more than handbags when I travel and the less I have to go rummaging – the safer I feel everything is! 

Up next - Sea-Band.   I first found these when I was on a cruise and was dying of sea sickness and couldn't stand to take anymore tablets.  These are one of those "but does it really work" products because it seems too simple and easy to be true.

These beauties have saved my daughter before on flights and she will be wearing this magical band again to combat her severe motion sickness. Sea-Band provides a natural and chemical free relief from nausea that people can experience with travel. So, no tablets that make you drowsy, just a handy band that has been clinically tested to work quickly and effectively!   

Okay – let’s talk luggage.  I don’t know about you, but I can’t handle a messy suitcase.  Especially if you’re going to be living out of your suitcase for a little while, compartments make life SO much easier. 

I use Lapoche to keep everything in neat sections so I can find what I need quickly – and my bag doesn’t turn into hell whilst I am travelling!   The bags are also colour coded so you know that you’re looking for the ‘green or ‘red’ bag which makes it so easy.  I have my jeans rolled tightly and then put in the red bag.   Underwear is folded – with the green bag having 2 sections for tops and bottoms.  The red clear pouch is my first aid/flight supplies like Panadol or Rescue Remedy etc.   Compartments inside your suitcase is the way forward… trust me on this. 

Best part?  I use these for hand luggage AND for regular luggage as they keep everything so neat.  NEATNESS and happy OCD means a happy Renae.  

Last of all, shoes and COMFORT.  I take my shoes off when flying (no smelly feet here) but I find that walking around the airport at the changeover is a nightmare if you have even a little heel.  My comfy boots are a little raised so I use the Scholl Gel Insoles in my shoes.  They don’t take up a bunch of room in the actual show like the foam or wool insoles (so your toes or arch doesn't get cramped), and they stay squishy forever!  Hot tip - I also use these in my heels as I can’t manage more than 20 minutes without agony! 

So, in conclusion, I am officially prepared to get my family through this long as hell plane trip to Europe in one piece. With all the above I think we should survive nicely and I will see you all on the other side! 


xxx R