Before my partner and I leave Australia, we decided to see the most Australian thing ever and visited Uluru.  When my boyfriend landed in Australia back in September 2015, his plan was to travel the country and explore the desert (he’s obsessed with deserts).

As fate would have it, he met me 2 weeks into his trip and we moved in together and the rest is history!  That trip to the desert never happened!! Almost exactly 2 years later, we finally got to the red centre and were able to witness one of the most amazing landscapes in the world.

The desert rolls on with bright red soil, almost frosted looking grasses and spiky shrubs.  Theres miles of it - and not much else - until all of a sudden there’s this rock.  Ayres Rock is just one of those things you have to see to believe.  It’s huge and its nothing like I expected.  It’s actually ‘rocky’ - whereas I thought it always looked way more ‘sandy’ in pictures.  It changes colours throughout the day (I think sunset is when it performed best) and when it rained (which, to be honest, was most of the time) it had streams of water cascading down it’s veins.

It was just sublime.

In true Renae style though, after I’d seen it once and wandered around for half a day - I was pretty done.  Im not a hiker and I don’t love spending hours sitting in the hot desert - not my bag.

We also visited the Olgas which are actually probably more stunning than the Rock, but definitely harder to get around.  My boyfriend did the 7.5km walk around the Olgas whilst I took a nap in our 4WD - only to awaken to a HUGE lighting and thunder storm, and no boyfriend.  After I panicked for a bit, a drenched boy approached the car and we headed back to the hotel.

Overall, the trip was memorable and something I recommend everyone sees at least once.  We stayed at the Desert Gardens Hotel which was simply ‘meh’ - it wasn’t that great, but it served it’s purpose.  The food there is pretty bad - overcooked, full of weird cheese or very ‘white’ and ‘processed’ - but there’s a small IGA where you can get a mean salad or falafel!